Marketplaces at midday: Stocks fall as tech struggles to continue rebound

Senate fails to pass Republican coronavirus stimulus plan Senate Democrats blocked a targeted pandemic relief program suggested by Republicans, claiming it’s not enough to mitigate the pandemic’s damage. The Senate’s vote in favor of the bill was short of the sixty required on a procedural step to move toward passage. Continue Reading

The US tech industry has become worth much more than the whole European stock market, Bank of America says

US tech stocks have overtaken the whole European stock market in market value as investors crowd into mega caps to ride away the coronavirus pandemic. The tech industry has become worth $9.1 trillion, Bank of America stated Thursday, while European stocks – including those in the UK and Switzerland – Continue Reading

Worth stocks, which will trade lowest to growth stocks after 2001, are like an intelligent play as the economy rebounds

Worth stocks have started to do much better than growing stocks. A number of investors argue this represents a direction. Growth stocks, springing primarily from the know-how trade, today have sky high valuations searching for a sturdy rebound since the March lows. Value stocks are receiving a second overall look Continue Reading